Over 5,000 years old


Tan skin, dark hair, Egyptian heritage




Aldora (daughter)
Gemini (granddaughter)


Queen of the Vampires

Kalidah was the first of her kind, created by an ancient curse. Her parents faced the wrath of an angry goddess and as a result Kalidah was born. When her parents realized the truth about their daughter, they cast her out. Kalidah wandered alone, miserable and afraid, until the same goddess saw her and took pity.

The goddess created a mate for Kalidah so that she would never have to be alone, and together they began the race of vampires. Their children became vampires and created new vampires, however once every 500 years a new vampire was born to the human side of the family, and this vampire had to be saved in order to keep vampires from extinction. Aldora was one of these born vampires, as was Gemini.

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